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Water Mist Systems

The SECURIPLEX FIRE-SCOPE® 5000 Water mist fire protection system can solve your fire protection needs across a number of platforms spanning the industrial, commercial, mining, marine, chemical, and other markets.

If you would like an alternative to CO2, FM200, sprinklers or even Novec 1230, water mist offers advantages than no other fire suppression system can offer!

Key advantages of the FIRE-SCOPE® 5000 include:
  • No adverse effects on the environment!
  • Uses NO additives!
  • Maintains oxygen levels in machinery space at high levels keeping personnel safe if trapped.
  • Scrubs smoke particulates out of air, reducing clean up costs.
  • Maintains cool temperatures in machinery space during a fire, reducing collateral damage and equipment loss.
  • Compared to sprinklers, uses up to 20 times less water resulting in less water damage during a discharge.
  • System can be connected directly to your water supply or to a dedicated water tank!
With the oldest reputation for water mist fire protection in North America, SECURIPLEX has set the standard against which all other manufacturers in the industry are measured. We achieved the first FM approved water mist fire protection system in North America. Our water mist system tested at US government laboratories has shown that we surpass all other major manufacturers in extinguishment times by several orders of magnitude in many cases.




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Nitrogen Based Inert Gas Suppression System


Key Features

 - UL Listed
 - 100% nitorgen (N2) gas as extinguishing agent
 - 30MPa storage pressure to minimize cylinder requirment
 - Pressure regulating type N2 storage cylinder valve
 - Extinguishing by reducing O2 concentration below 15%
 - Zero ODP, Zero GWP
 - N2 not toxic gas, No toxic byproduct in extinguishing
 - Clear view during / after N2 discharge
 - UL listed gas filling plant in India
 - Design concentration 33.6% for NFPA Class A fire
 - Centralized cylinder bank for multiple zone protection
 - Lower noise discharge nozzles available


Typical Application


- System operation & Control rooms
 - Computer & Server rooms, Data center
 - Electrical rooms
 - Museums, Archives
 - Other faclities where valuable property is stored


More Resources

Product Catalogue
Product Catalog for Package Type




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N3060 Integlex Multicrest Fire Alarm Panel


Key Features

- UL Listed
 - TFT 10.4 inch large Color Touch Screen
 - Maximum 12 Signal Line Curcuits (loops)
 - Maximum 255 addressable device
 - Network expansdable upto 64 nodes
 - Comprehensive information display on LCD
 - Address Map display on LCD
 - Trend graph display of detector sensor level on LCD
 - Action guidance message on LCD
 - Voice message of event at control panel
 - Machine time display (component runnint time)
 - Listed for Releasing service


More Resources

Product Catalogue

Data Sheets
  Control Panel
    Main control unit
    Power supply unit
    Sub control unit
    Network interface unit
    Fiber optic interface module (FIM)
    Fiber optic unterface module (FIM2)

    LCD type announciator
    LED type announciator
    LED driver module

  System Monitoring System
    System interface unit
    System monitoring program


n3060 2


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S508 Integlex Multicrest Fire Alarm Panel


Key Features

- UL Listed
 - Maximum 4 Signal Line Curcuits (loops)
 - Maximum 127 addressable device
 - Listed for Releasing service


More Resources

Product Catalogue

Data Sheets
  Control Panel
    Fire alarm control panel
    Loop expander

    LCD type announciator
    LED type announciator


s508 2


Interspiro logo

Firefighters around the World rely on our firefighting SCBA/BA sets – and protecting those that protects others is our privilege and pride.

INTERSPIRO SCBA/BA sets are renowned for their durability and performance in extreme working conditions

There are hundreds of thousands of our SCBA/BA sets in use all over the world. All carrying unique features that we were first to develop and introduce to the field of respiratory protection. Many of these features are today standard in firefighting equipment.

In our efforts to improve the safety conditions for firefighters we developed the positive pressure, based on technology from our experience with fighter aircraft breathing systems. Other important milestones include the introduction of SCBA/BA computers and Spirolite composite cylinders.

INTERSPIRO has 90 years of experience with regulator technology and the design of respiratory protection. Since the beginning our mission has been to improve safety for work in non-breathable environments; to protect those that protect others.


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Suppression for the "micro-environment"

Quickly detect and suppress fire directly at the source, efficiently and automatically.

Firetrace Fire Suppression Systems provide Cost-Effective, Stand-Alone, Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for your Critical Equipment, Electrical/Technical Systems and various types of enclosures. The effectiveness of a genuine Firetrace System, happens by utilizing the proprietary Firetrace Detection Tubing (a Linear Pneumatic Heat Sensor), which detects a fire due to precise temperature sensitivity, allowing our systems to react quickly and effectively. This unique detection can be run through the smallest or most complex enclosures to ensure detection is always close at hand.

Firetrace manufacturers two basic types of fire suppression systems: Direct and Indirect

All Firetrace Systems utilize the proprietary red Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT) as a Linear Heat and Flame Detector. These systems may be arranged as either “Direct Release” or “Indirect Release“, depending on the type of enclosure or fire hazard.

Direct and Indirect Systems are available in Low and High-Pressure functionality; which will be determined by the fire suppression agent selected for your application.




Ferrara logo

Ferrara Fire Apparatus leads the industry in the custom design and manufacture of emergency response vehicles. Ferrara is known for its heavy duty construction materials and design process that gives the customer input into how the truck will be built. Ferrara has delivered more than 5,000 new fire apparatus to agencies in the United States and around the world.

Here is an overview of Ferrara Fire Apparatus line of fire and emergency vehicles.  As you can tell from this list, Ferrara is truly America's premier manufacturer of premium custom fire apparatus.

  • Custom fire chassis
  • Heavy duty custom pumpers and tankers
  • Rear-mount aerial ladders
  • Mid-mount, heavy duty aerial ladder
  • Rear-mount, heavy duty aerial platforms
  • Mid-mount heavy duty aerial platforms
  • Strong Arm fire and rescue vehicle
  • Heavy rescue, haz-mat and incident command vehicles


Detcon logo

Detcon Model Series 700 industrial gas detectors are a new generation of intelligent sensor modules that incorporate and integrate several leading edge improvements. The sensors are specifically designed for harsh and extreme locations. This new and superior level of environmental durability in sensor design includes an electropolished 316 stainless steel housing, multi-layered transient spike protection circuitry and 100% encapsulated electronics. The sensor electronics are completely protected and immune to water ingress and corrosion. The sensor elements are all plug-in components and can easily be replaced in the field. Operator interface is non-intrusive via a small handheld magnet. Configuration and routine calibration is intuitive and menu driven with fully scripted instructions. Sensor status is displayed on a built-in alphanumeric LED display. Model Series 700 intelligent sensor modules feature dual redundant outputs, a linear 4-20 milliamp analog signal and a Modbus RS-485 serial output.

Electrical Classification (FP, TP, IR Series)
Class I, Div 1, Groups B, C, D; Class I, Zone 1, Group IIB+H2 (ATEX)

Electrical Classification (DM, O2, PI Series)
Class I, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D; Class I, Zone 1, Group IIC (ATEX)

Safety Approvals
CSA/NRTL (US OSHA Certified)

Integration Solutions Include:
• Remote Control/Alarm Relay Module
• Hart Module
• Foundation Fieldbus Module
• Wireless Interface Module



Bauer logo

Since 1946, the Bauer Kompressoren Group has been known for reliable, top of the range, mobile and stationary breathing air compressors providing divers throughout the world a reliable source of pure breathing air.

Every compressor manufactured by Bauer is tested according to TÜV/GS quality norms and product safety standards, guaranteeing utmost product quality.

The Bauer Compressors Group has sixty years of experience in the manufacture of high pressure compressors. Be assured: our compressor will be your dependable source of clean breathing air for many years, even decades.

JFD offer product specific training courses to support customers with the maintenance and servicing procedures for Bauer compressor products.