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Our Services


Our consolidated approach to fire protection includes both life safety and asset protection. Whether you need a basic evaluation of an existing system, system commissioning, new system design or computer-based modeling and analysis, our team can help you create an environment for occupants and assets.

Procurement & Supply

We have vast experience in the procurement and supply of mechanical, electrical, process and instrumentation equipments and devices to the Oil and Gas industry. Our in-depth knowledge of both the local and international sourcing sector allows us to meet client's requirements in a dynamic and responsive fashion. We work closely with different partners and OEM manufacturers worldwide to ensure that our clients benefit from variety and the most up to date products at competitive pricing.

System Design & Engineering

Our first step in every fire protection and sprinkler project is performing on-site evaluations of existing facilities or, for new construction jobs, analyzing blueprints. Our seamless network of companies provides fire safety solutions for a variety of industries, including industrial, commercial, retail and residential businesses.

Testing & Commissioning

Commissioning provides a quality-based process the confirms and documents that fire protection and detection systems are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained in compliance with the project requirements. Aman’s fire engineers have extensive commissioning experience and can assist you in getting the best out of your new or existing systems through the commissioning process.


We provide the installation of new fire protection systems such as fire alarms, fire detection, sprinkler & fire suppression systems. Our staff of engineers design fire protection & suppression systems that are specific to detect & respond to fire conditions to ensure the safety of your occupants and minimal damage to your facility.

Repair & Maintenance

We offer a full range of regular maintenance and emergency repair services for industrial and commercial fire protection systems. We have the experience and in-depth knowledge necessary to identify the source of your problem quickly and to suggest practical solutions that suit your needs and your budget. Our skilled technical staff will work with you to ensure that your fire protection systems are fully functional and ready to protect your staff, your guests, and your property from fires in the workplace.