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International® Marine Coatings :
are technology leaders in TBT-free antifouling, abrasion resistant coatings, ballast tank coatings and fouling control systems for vessels being built, repaired or maintained.

International® Protective Coatings :
offer an extensive range of high performance coatings for the oil, gas, chemical processing, pulp and paper, steel structure and mining industries.

Chartek® :
A fireproofing system developed to give high performance, thermal protection even in the harshest environments to the industries bearing the highest asset value.

Devoe®  :
A range of high performance linings and general purpose protective coatings including the well known brands of Devchem, Devthane and Bar-rust.

  : Specilalising  in Epoxy technology for the lining of tanks and pipelines for a range of uses from potable water to hot crude.

  :  Specialising in ultra high performance linings and grout for aggressive environments such as acids and elevated temperatures.