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Our Services

From our first contact with a client, we work closely with them to gain a clear and detailed understanding of their requirements. Based on this foundation, we begin to scope and conceptualize a solution that is based on minimum technical requirements, while always looking to leverage our experience and expertise to suggest potential improvements to these requirements. We look to integrate wherever we can leverage these emerging technologies to benefit our clients and their projects.

As our clients' requirements evolve and develop, we have the flexibility to adapt accordingly. Where the limits of conventional practice are reached, our Research & Development department is ready and able to push the envelope further, devising innovative and novel solutions to emerging challenges.

» We distribute chemicals that are essential to the manufacture of consumer and industrial products which include specialty chemical.

» Our products are used to make quality additives that improve the performance of fuels and lubricants.

» Supply , apply and test the performance of additives for the sea water injection chemicals.

» Continuous field trial tests for demulsifiers in the oilfield gathering centers to improve the performance.

» Desludging, cleaning and recovery of crude oil from oil spills, tanks & weathered crude.