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Design Activities


Comprehensive design services ranging from simple sacrificial anode to computer controlled impressed Current system.Design is undertaken in accordance With: client’s specification NACE Standards, BS7361.

Power Stations

CCPL Power Stations Systems are at the very forefront of modern technologies. Power supplies are design in modular format using ‘State of the Art Touch Screen Computers’ to regulate SMPs for the smoothest possible DC waveforms Compact Dimensionally Stable Anode are design to perform at high current densities. Stable Silver/Silver Chloride Reference Electrodes provide closed loop feedback for system control and monitoring.

Storage Tanks

CCPL design whole range of SA and ICCP System for tank internal and underside protection. Internal system are designed to take account of product type, paint/coating system, tank size and design life. External system deploy DSAs configured from mesh or wire where there is a contentment membrane installed below the floorplate. Deepwell, shallow vertical and distributed anode systems are designed for tanks without membrane

Jetties / Marine Piling

CCPL Marine Designs offer a choice of system which are readily suited to site conditions, daily operations and available budgets. Anode systems available include: Traditional Pile Mounted, Remote Anode Sleds, Continuous Seabed Anodes Suspended Anodes.


CCPL design systems using Deepwell Groundbeds, Continuous Polymer Anodes and Distributed Anodes. The choice of system takes into account the presence of foreign structures, other CP systems, current distriction and potential profile requirements.

Concrete reinforcement

CCPL design cathodic protection systems for the protection of rebars and concrete using DSA mesh and grid anodes. Anodes are configured in multiple zones to achieve even current distribution. System performance is monitored using embedded Reference Electrodes and controlled by bespoke computer software programmes