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Survey Activities

Soil Resistivity Measurement

Cathodic Protection System for Underground Piping
Company provides upgrade the cathodic protection system of underground piping. The propose system shall be distributed Impressed current cathodic protection system which shall be utilized the distributed high silicon iron chromium anodes powered by suitable transformer rectifier

Discreet Grid Anode System for New And Existing Tanks
CCPL engineers design the discreet grid anode system to provide impressed current cathodic protection to the external surface of on-grade storage tank floor plates. The anode grid system may be installed directly beneath the tank plates with an anode to the tank floor separation in the region of 15 to 50 cms. The system may also be easily located between leak prevention membranes and tank bottom or between primary and secondary tank floors. The performance of the cathodic protection system is monitored by permanent reference electrodes strategically placed immediately below the tank floor plates. The discreet anode grid system may be design to meet a specific clients requirements or to internationally recognized standards. The cable, junction boxes and transformer rectifiers are design to comply with regulatory requirements, including ingress protection rating and localized areas hazardous zone classification.

Sacrificial Anodes (Fixed)
This system comprises of direct fixing of galvanic sacrificial anode, directly to the storage tank floor or shell plates. The anodes are normally either alloys or predominantly zinc or aluminum. The cathodic protection electrical current flow is created by the natural occurring potential difference that exist between the galvanic anode materials and the storage tank plates (low carbon steel).The anodes comprise of alloy ingots cast around a central steel core. The anodes are shaped to produce a good surface are to weight ratio, this having the effect to minimize anode to electrolyte contact resistance.

Soil & Electrolyte Analysis

Distributed Surface Anode Bed
CCPL conducts survey, grading of any other work necessary to provide access to work location. CCPL locates and identifies the underground facilities in the vicinity of anode type installations is high silicon cast iron canister or bare anodes. For the bare anodes, prior to installation pour a sufficient quantity of coke breeze to fell the anode hole to a level corresponding to the depth specified as per the client specification.
Tank internal Cathodic Protection System
The style of internal cathodic protection system entirely depends upon the design and operating parameters of the storage tank to be protected. The cost common application for storage tank internal cathodic protection

Sacrificial Anodes(Suspended)
The suspended sacrificial anode system principal is very much similar to the fixed sacrificial anodes. In this case the sacrificial anodes are equipped with nylon type suspension ropes, which attach the roof of the tank. The anodes to structure electrical connections are made via a suitably install cable, which provides a return path for the cathodic protection current. The anodes are suspended at strategic position to ensure cathodic protection is uniformly provided to the protected surface.
In addition to the above method, the anodes may be suspended from the roof using anodes access unit. This may allow the anodes to be withdrawn for inspection and periodic replacement.

Ground Bed Location & Current Drain Test

Deep Well Anode Bed
CCPL performs survey, soil investigation, and grading or any other site preparation to the anode installation. All date is measured and recorded. In this system single or multiple anodes is installed in pre-bored hole of known depth and individual cables is routed and terminated in the respective junction boxes. The deep well anode hole is drilled in vertical direction of known diameter and up to a desired depth approved by the client. Earth resistance is measured at regular intervals and recorded. The anode is powered into the holes and feels with coke breeze backfill materials around the anodes up to desired level. In each installation a 50mm vent pipe is fitted with anodes to dissipate gases associated with the anodic reaction to prevent the gas blockage and hence polarization of anode. All anode cables is routed thru a PVC pipe inside the holes.

Concrete Cathodic Protection System
The anodes are installed in strict accordance with the manufactures guidelines. The anode current density and the anode type is chosen depend on the reinforcement steel density. The concrete surface is cleaned and abraded by dry grit blast cleaning, scrabbling or high pressure water blasting to a degree of cleanliness and roughness suitable for the subsequent overlay. The cathodic protection system must br install over a sound concrete. The anodes are installed between the reinforcement steel and concrete.

Tubular Anodes
Anodes are to be housed in PVC tubular tubes. The anodes were to be fixed rigidly in place with an anode centralizer at the opening in the tube. The PVC tubes are wall mounted using PVC wall brackets and anodes leads is routed in PVC conduits and terminated in the junction box.
For the monitoring of CP system, permanent reference electrodes are installed at the level of, and parallel to the reinforcing steel.

After the installation of anodes, a concrete overlay extends over the whole area of the structure covered by cathodic protection.

Impressed Current Suspended Anodes
The impressed current cathodic protection system used inert anodes suspended from the anode access units. The anode type is normally tubular silicon iron, fitted with an integral nylon rope, which is tethered to anode access units. The anode cable is conveyed along the rope and terminates through the anode access units into an anode junction box. The use of tubular anodes provides the maximum surface are to weight ration and thereof re-reduces anode to electrolyte contact residence. The anodes are positioned to provide a uniform level of current distribution to the protected surfaces.
To provide suitable level of current distribution the anodes maybe installed in ring formation following the profile of the tank diameter. The system is powered by transformer rectifier. To enable monitoring the cathodic protection system performance, permanent reference electrodes may be positioned at strategic location.