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Field Services

External Protection

External cathodic protection is applied to the underside of tank bases using impressed cathodic protection systems. Various anode configurations are available such as Griid or Mesh systems which are usually installed before the tank is constructed. For existing tanks anodes can be installed around the tank periphery. Reference Electrode are usually provided to monitor and/or control the system. .

Internal Protection

Internal cathodic protection is applied to the tank internal surface using either Sacrificial or Impressed Current systems.The choice of system is largely determined by the product through other factors are taken into consideration.Anode system can be sither weided in place, suspended or screwed in position through welded mountings / bosses.

Pipeline Canister Anode

Pipeline cathodic protection systems are designed and supplied to protect all types of pipeline whether buried, submerged, bare or coated. Usually protection current is provided either by distributed impressed current anodes, traditional horizontal or vertical deepwell groundbeds.Where the soil resistivities and current demands are low protection can be provided using sacrificial anodes.Typically these will be the prepackaged magnesium type.

Insulation Qasket Set

To prevent the drain of cathodic protection current to other structures it is necessary to provide Insulating Gasket Sets at connection to and from the pipeline. Such joint are commonly known as Insulation Flanges or I/Fs.I/Fs comprise of special insulation gaskets, bolt sleeves and washers, the precise materials being selected to suit the product in the pipe.

Cathodic Protection for Tubular Piles

Cathodic Protection for Marine Jetty Structures can be provided using either Impressed Current or Sacrificial Anode Systems.

CP for Sheet Piles

Cathodic protection system can be installed retrospectively to control the rates of corrosion on existing structures